• Gerry Lyons from Ireland posted on Thu, Aug 24, 2017
    Wonderful site, great reading, bring's back memories of Mammy, Annie Lyons nee O'Brien, and she driving along Loch con eera, most likely coming back from Killkerrin with her auntie ANN mairtin Seoige from Derryrush telling story's and singing (after a few refreshments ( no doubht) as Sean said, BEANACHT DIA, NA MBAS
  • Noel Fahey from Ireland posted on Thu, Aug 24, 2017
    Is feidir linn bheit an-broduil as an website seo. Is cuimhin liom maraon leis na ceidte eile a caith treimhse i Loc Con Aoirthe ag foghlaim Gaeilge. Bhios ann i dtosach na seascadai nuair a raibh ceantair beo ann le scoil agus shopa (Mac Ui Cadhain) Ann. Bhi am alainn again. Is cuimhin liom go raibh Pat Mor Mac Donnacha in a Ard mhaistir sa scoil - d'imir se le Gallaimh uair amhain ceapaim. Ce go raibh music triobloideach o am go ham cuir daoine na haite, go mor mna na tithe, suas linn. Chuamar suas ar Cnoc Mordain la fluich baistuil gan fadhbh, rud nach feidir le paisti a deanamh aniois in am health and safety! .
  • Daniel OBrien from United States posted on Wed, Aug 23, 2017
    Yours is a wonderful effort and one that others could well learn from. Best wishes from a family who left Ireland long ago.
  • Paddy Mhéime Ó Súilleabháin from Ireland posted on Wed, Aug 23, 2017
    . . . All is that it is, and should remain.
    I passed that way once
    In the footsteps of others,
    And such it has remained
    Through time and now, and on, and on.
  • Margaret Coyne-Kelly from United States posted on Mon, Aug 21, 2017
    I left Loughconneera 35 years ago and love very much seeing my neighbors come together to create this incredible informative website. I can now refer to this website when asked questions about the name of the village. Thank you so very much!!!!. Excellent Job - I feel like I am at home when viewing the photos and reading about Loch-Con-Aortha.
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