• Anne from Ireland posted on Fri, Apr 20, 2018 10:41:46
    Spent a very happy month at Irish College in your lovely townland in the early 1970s. Will be back in the area during this summer and am looking forward to reviving old memories. I take my hat off to your efforts to halt the decline of your village. It's something we can't imagine as Dubs who are far removed from your reality
  • Barry O'Sullivan from Ireland posted on Tue, Jan 02, 2018 9:07:26
    Maith sibh! Beautiful documentary. Will have to visit your beautiful village. As an O'Sullivan I was wondering why there seemed to be so many on my namesakes in the village? An unusual name for Connemara. Anything to do with O'Sullivan Beare's retreat after the Battle of Kinsale ?
  • colin stewart from Ireland posted on Fri, Dec 29, 2017 17:52:28
    I watched the documentary on TG4 and once again was dismayed by the loss of such precious, rich cultural communities, the passing of their ways, their skills and their struggles. This is the land of our forefathers and our history, it is up to us to cherish this gift and pass it's wealth on. To see communities like those in Loch Con Aortha respecting and recording this history in such a way is invaluable. Very very well done. I am up there in a week or two and will walk through the area with a greater education and wealth of knowledge... thank you.
  • Seán O'Brien from Ireland posted on Wed, Dec 27, 2017 22:29:52
    Ba mhait liom buíochas a gabháil libh go léir faoi an clár a bhí ar TG4 anocht! Ráth Dé oraibh go léir ó Phort Lách, Contae Phort Láirge!!! Seán Ó Briain.
  • Angela Coyle from Ireland posted on Thu, Sep 21, 2017 11:43:16
    Comhghairdeas le muintir Loch Con Aortha faoin suíomh iontach seo atá curaithe ar bun acu. Bhain mé an-taitneamh as a bheith ag breathnu ar na pictiuirí agus ag léamh faoi stair na h-áite. Tháinig mé go Loch Con Aortha don chéad uair i 1972 ag foghlain Gaeilge agus chuaigh mé ar ais ann i 1974 agus 1975. Bhí mé ag fanacht i tigh Mhamie agus bhí an-time againn na laethanta sin. Táim fior buíoch do Loch Con Aortha agus dá mhuintir faoi na smaointe agus cuimhne álainn a bhéas agam go deo.
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